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Discover the DIFFERENCE

It is never too early to explore educational opportunities for your children. Use the form below to learn more.



CCAGC strives to offer an excellent, Christ-centered education. Quotes are available upon request. Financial aid and scholarships may be available for those who qualify.

Admissions Policies

Calvary Christian Academy is a distinctly Christian school, designed primarily to help the average or above-average child. It is not a remedial school nor a correctional school, nor is it equipped to handle all children (e.g., handicapped, severe learning disabled). We reserve the right to place each child in the academic level for which we believe he is best suited. The student’s acceptance into the school will be based upon our ability to meet his needs. That determination will be made from information on the application form, information from his previous school(s), the student/parent interview, and other means that will help us properly evaluate the child to determine his academic, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Each new student and his parent(s) must be interviewed before a student is officially enrolled. We seek opportunities to share the gospel with parent and child.

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