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Veritas Classical School

In partnership with Calvary Christian Academy Garrett Campus since 2021.

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About Veritas

Veritas Classical School at Calvary Christian Academy Garrett Campus (CCAGC) is blessed to be a part of the Calvary Christian Academy family.  We offer a classical, biblical worldview complement to homeschool studies.  We adopt the philosophy and methodology of Classical Christian Education as well as the structure of the collaborative model.

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About Collaborative  Model

A collaborative model is a combination of in person school and homeschooling.  A collaborative approach to learning involves a co-teaching partnership between teachers and parents in educating a child.  Students attend school with certified, experienced teachers for two to three days a week, and they have home days where parents guide their child or children to master skills taught during in person days.

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Veritas 3.27_edited.jpg

Tuition, Fees, and Discounts

Program Cost: $3,140

Pre-Algebra/Algebra Elective: $TBD

High School Science Elective: $TBD

New Student Enrollment Fee: $110

Returning Student Enrollment Fee: $60

Pay-in-Full Discount: 2%

Multi-Student Discount: $200/Child

2024 - 2025 Enrollment

3rd/4th Cohort

5th/6th Cohort

7th/8th Cohort

High School (9th-12th) Cohort

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The Foundation

The grammar stage student (Grades 1-4) learns the “grammar” or conventions and basic facts of each academic subject through song, repetition, and play. Observation, narration, recitation, dictation, copy work, and memorization are key to a strong academic foundation. The facts acquired in this stage create pegs in the child’s mind from which to hang future information.


Building on the Foundation

The logic stage student (Grades 5-8) continues to build their “storehouse of knowledge” by connecting the facts learned in the grammar stage to discover connections among them. Children are naturally argumentative in this stage, so they are encouraged to question, to analyze the validity of others’ arguments by practicing logic, to organize thoughts logically, and to think critically while interacting with subjects.


Bringing it All Together

Last, the student enters the rhetoric stage (Grades 9-12). Expressing oneself—both in writing and verbally—fluently, gracefully, elegantly, and persuasively is the focus of the final stage of The Trivium. All the facts learned in the grammar stage and all the logic and reason practiced in the logic stage are available for the rhetoric student to—as described by Dorothy Sayers— throw open “the doors of the storehouse of knowledge” to browse about and piece together new, authentic, deeper insights into God’s truth and perfect order.

Defining Characteristics of Classical Christian Education

Christ Centered

The Bible is truth, so examining knowledge through the lens of God’s word guides the Classical Christian student to the transforming truth of Christ.

Cross Curricular

Integrating subjects around the keystone that God is the Creator, and all knowledge is interconnected and points back to Him renders this approach to education cross curricular. History is taught chronologically, and other subjects are folded into the time period studied whenever possible.  Classic literature containing themes that span across the ages and ignite meaningful conversations cultivate depth of thought.  Pointing out lateral connections among subjects and vertical connections to God guide students to become life-long learners.

Considers the Whole Person

A goal of CCE is to cultivate a life- long love of truth, goodness, and beauty. The teaching standards are high but more importantly is instilling within the learner a love of high standards. Regurgitating information for a test is not the end goal of CCE, but rather the goal is claiming God’s truth as the learner’s own.

Parenting is Discipleship

CCE acknowledges that parents are the primary agents for nurturing the academic and spiritual growth of their children.


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