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PreK3 - 8th Grade

We are currently offering PreK3 through 8th Grade. We offer two and three day a week PreK3 enrollment. All other grades are full time only. 


In the preschool years, CCAGC students are introduced to the basic concepts of reading and math. Using a wide variety of engaging, teacher-directed activities, the young child begins academic preparation. Letters and phonics, as well as initial number concepts, are introduced in a motivating environment of play activities that also teach important values such as integrity, responsibility, kindness, and sharing. Throughout the kindergarten and elementary grades, significant blocks of learning are added to these language and math foundations. Science, spelling, social studies, creative writing, penmanship, art, physical education, and Bible are added to provide a well-rounded curriculum. We use Abeka for PreK3 through 3rd and BJU Press for 4th through 8th.hrough 6th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! If you think you may be eligible for financial aid, contact us for an application. The amount of available student financial aid is determined each year by the CCAGC budget and donations. If funds are available, we review each application and allocate an amount of student aid for qualified families. This is a needs-based scholarship.

What is the typical class size? 

Each classroom has 17 children or less and 1 teacher. Some classrooms have a Teacher's Assistant.

Do you have a bus? 

At this time we do not offer any transportation services.

Do you offer meal plans? 

No, students are required to pack their lunch. 

How do you handle snow days? 

We follow Garrett County Public Schools for cancellations, delays, and early dismissals. In the event that GCPS has a Virtual or Asynchronous Day, CCAGC will be cancelled, and will NOT be asynchronous (meaning, no work will be sent home). 

Do you offer any extracurricular activities? 

In the past we have offered various extracurricular activities including lego club, chess club, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and swimming classes (hosted at the CARC). These vary each year so feel free to ask us for more information!

Do you require school uniforms?

At this time, we do not require school uniforms. We ask that our students dress modestly. Avoid excessively tight and low cut clothing. No crop tops, short shorts, flip flops, or hats. Students often play outside so we encourage play-appropriate clothing.

What security does the school have? 

Doors are locked and require a key or badge to enter. We also have security cameras.

Do students participate in standardized testing? 

Yes, we use the IOWA and CoGat assessments.

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